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Diamonds from Antwerp at Antwerp prices

WhyEJewels ???

EJewels  is able to deliver unbeatable prices, resulting in significant savings passed directly to you, for the following reasons:       

1.      Access to Antwerp’s Diamond Manufacturing Centre.
We are based in Antwerp for more than 30 years and source our diamonds directly from the diamond cutters and diamond dealers there, many of whom we know personally and have worked with for several decades.  By having direct access to goods from their source, we eliminate the multiple times diamonds traditionally change hands before they eventualy end up in jewellery pieces in retail outlets.

2.   Low Overheads and Low Expenses
Because we are a low-cost family-run company and we operate from private viewing rooms rather than a retail outlet, we do not carry the traditional high costs and operating expenses associated with such and because our business model is that of producing a jewellery piece against a confirmed order, meaning the piece is sold before it is delivered, this also greatly reduces the high capital costs involved in carrying large quantities of stock. The overall benefit of our method of working as against the traditional model is therefore  passed on to each and every one of our clients. 

       Our clients traditionally have come to know of us through word of mouth and by referrals from our many already existing customers.  The addition of this website to our business model is intended to show who we are, our longterm background and experience in the diamond business  and to showcase just some of the type of jewellery we can provide while also outlining to clients how we operate our business!

3. Unmatched Ability to Identify Value
We are highly experienced in the art of sourcing the right diamond (or gemstone) for the perfect engagement ring (or indeed jewellery piece) for you, within the boundaries of your budget.   We do this by focusing on only the most important factors in this selection process.

We will guide you through these factors and advise you step by step on which factors to make sacrifices on and on which not to, according to your wishes, which in turn will deliver the best possible value to you!

  ''She'll love our rings - he'll love our prices''  

Email:    contact no.s (Eire) 00-353-87-1253285  (Antwerp) 00-32-484-972066
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